The Joy Set Before Us

JoyBeforeUs.jpgThis Veterans Day marks the beginning of an era in which all of our nation’s teenagers, in and out of the military, were born after 9/11. America’s teenagers today have only known a post-9/11 world. Our military has been through the longest period of sustained armed conflict in our nation’s history — longer than World War II and Vietnam combined — and are still engaged in “hot spots” around the world. As we approach November 11 and you express your appreciation to our current and former military members, keep in mind that as they sacrifice for our country, they do so with the hope of a better future for all, and this brings joy and meaning to their service. Also keep in mind their service is costly, and their families share the cost, especially their teenagers who have a higher at-risk profile than the average American teen.

Built in to the nature of self-sacrifice is the sense of hope and anticipation for a better future. The New Testament book of Hebrews tells us at the beginning of chapter 12 that this was true of Jesus’ sacrifice for us; that part of Jesus’ motivation that helped Him endure the pain and suffering He faced on the cross was, “ … the joy set before him.” Jesus could see the desired future He was creating through His sacrifice, so that even in the midst of His suffering this vision brought joy and meaning to His sacrifice. This is true for every Club Beyond leader who sacrifices to bring the truth, hope and love of the gospel to teens at their local school. We share this deep passion in Club Beyond, as we look to the future of reaching out to America’s military teens.

I was recently at Fort Hood, Texas, with our local staff; what a blessing it was to hang out with the Club Beyond middle schoolers. I also experienced great joy and humility, as a number of parents came up to say thank you for Club Beyond “being there” for their teens. As every Club Beyond leader knows, the thanks expressed by a grateful parent goes deep. Military parents are particularly grateful when they arrive at their new duty station to find Club Beyond is there waiting to greet them and reach out to their teens!

Part of “the joy set before us” in Club Beyond is a fresh sense that “the sky’s the limit” regarding future ministry at installations around the world. We are currently limited only by the number of staff we can place, and we are finding great joy in bringing new staff onboard and launching them into this great adventure!

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