International Camping

​Camping is a distinctive experience in each of the countries where Young Life is reaching kids. While campers in the United States attend one of Young Life’s camps scattered across America, for most international kids, there is no Young Life facility nearby. So their leaders create for them the Young Life camping experience in a variety of venues, with some unique twists. International kids swim, ski, ride horses, go rock climbing and play games, but they also kayak in the North Sea and hike through the mountains in southern Russia.

Though the activities and facilities vary from country to country, the basic Young Life camping principles remain the same. Kids have fun, hang out with friends and listen to leaders who have earned the right to be heard tell them the incredible news that God loves them with a heart as big as the universe. Whether kids spend a week in the craggy mountains of coastal Scotland or play in the surf on a sunny beach in Costa Rica, Young Life makes kids around the globe the same promise it makes to kids in the United States: the week you spend at Young Life camp will be the best week of your life.

International Camp Offering​


Pray. Serve. Give.

Young Life International invites kids and leaders to “Pay it Forward” so that kids around the world can experience the best week of their lives!

Did you know?

  • In 2014, 75,000 kids outside the US from more than 90 countries, went to camp.
  • Last summer, over $130,000 was given by US Young Life campers to send kids in other parts of the world to camp.
  • This year, 85,000 kids outside the US want go to camp.
  • ​100% of all money gathered goes directly to International Camping.​​
Please consider:

  • Praying for Young Life camps around the world.
  • ​Serving internationally as work crew, summer staff or on staff.
  • Giving to send a kid to camp in another country – It costs as little as $40.