Capernaum Facts and Figures

Interesting Facts and Figures

  • 785 million people in the world have a disability. If that number of people were a nation, it would be the third largest.
  • This population leads the nation in homelessness and poverty.
  • 18 million people in the world need wheelchairs and don't have them.
  • There are 54 million Americans with disabilities.
  • 20 percent of the teen population has a disability.
  • Only 10 to 15 percent of churches in the United States have a disability ministry or are planning one.

In Young Life (in the United States) there are:

  • 210 Capernaum ministries;
  • 3,266 kids participating in Capernaum ministries weekly;
  • 15.55 average ministry size; and
  • 1061 Capernaum kids involved in Campaigners (small group Bible studies).