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Host Families

If you have a love for Christ, a passion for teenagers and an enthusiasm for caring for and sharing life with a teenager from another country, then your home may be just the right place for an Amicus student. Host families come in many varieties: empty-nesters, couples with young kids and couples with teenagers. Although they spend just 10 months in the United States, students often stay connected with their host families for years to come, becoming like another son or daughter. Learn more about becoming a host family.


You can also serve as an Amicus representative and be trained to serve as personal liaisons for the students, host families and high schools, conducting orientations early in the school year and providing support throughout the year. As a representative, you will help students and families get the most out of this experience. Serving as a representative can be a great fit for anyone interested in working with teenagers from other cultures — a Young Life leader, staff spouse, as well as committee members or any Young Life alumni. Amicus representatives receive a modest stipend to help cover costs incurred (e.g., gas, food) while spending time with the Amicus student. Contact Amicus.

Young Life Staff

Contact Amicus about the benefits of incorporating Amicus into your area’s ministry strategy and how to bring Amicus students to your community.​

If you would like to find out more about Amicus, including how to become a host family or Amicus representative, please contact Terri Riehl​ at 719-381-1811.​