Get Involved with Young Life Amicus


Be a Host Family for a School Year. Amicus host families can have young children or teenagers or no children at all. Host families can be single folks or married with kids. Big hearts and a welcoming spirit are a must! Host families must go through an application and interview process along with background checks; a host family’s local public school district must also have allotted space for exchange students in order for them to serve as a host family.

Be an Amicus Mentor. Every Amicus student is required by the U.S. State Department to have a local adult mentor to walk with them in friendship throughout the year. Mentors serve as the bridge between students, families and schools. They also work closely with the Amicus divisional coordinator and Amicus operations office. Amicus leadership trains mentors so they are well–equipped to coach and support your Amicus student. Mentors may also serve as Amicus representatives and promote the program within their local communities.

Become part of the Amicus Mission Community. Host families and mentors are never alone. Amicus is a wonderful and supportive mission community all working together to help these amazing Amicus students! A leadership team of Divisional coordinators, an operations office and a training coordinator are all led by a program director to serve students, families and mentors.

To find out more about Amicus, including how to become a host family or mentor, please contact Amicus Director, Michele Sbrana at ​719-381-1811.​