Learn More About Amicus

Amicus students have a track record of strong academics and moral character, and they come to the United States to improve their English-speaking skills. Depending on their home country, they may also have some experience with Young Life. Investing in an international student for one school year can make an eternal impact on them while they are here, and transform them into leaders for the Kingdom in their home countries.
Host families – the Heart of Amicus
Amicus families may be from all stages of life — empty-nesters, families with children or teenagers, and even young couples - but they all have a few things in common: a love for Christ, a passion for young people and an enthusiasm for caring for and sharing life with a teenager from another country.

Although they spend just 10 months in the United States, students often stay connected with their host families for years to come, becoming like another son or daughter.

Amicus seeks to provide students with an excellent host family experience. Families are selected and screened through an application process, and great care is taken to find the right fit for each student’s placement with a host family. In preparation for the student’s arrival, families will attend an orientation hosted by the local Amicus representative. Amicus families are encouraged to involve Amicus student’s in the life of the family. Amicus students are encouraged to attend church with their host families as part of their cultural experience.

Amicus Mentors – Trusted Guides

It starts with having a heart to make a difference in someone's life. By being a mentor you are connecting the world one student and one family at a time. Mentors walk alongside a student during their Amicus year offering support, encouragement and guidance as they navigate life in a new culture and new community.

Every Amicus mentor is a trained volunteer who loves working with youth and families. Amicus has mentors in the U.S. and Overseas National Representatives working to ensure students have a successful experience.

Young Life Involvement

Amicus students are encouraged to participate in local Young Life activities — club, Campaigners and camp. They receive a partial scholarship to attend a fall or winter Weekend Camp. In June, Amicus students attend a weeklong summer camp at Rockbridge, a Young Life camp in Virginia, before a final trip to Washington, D.C., just prior to returning to their home countries.


Amicus is funded through a program fee paid by the students. Host families provide room and board, basic transportation and family activities. Students pay for their own school expenses, school supplies, clothing, entertainment, shopping and extra-curricular activities.

Amicus – Reputable and Accountable

Amicus has full listing status with the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET), the organization that identifies and promotes reputable youth exchange programs. Amicus’ status means that it complies with all CSIET standards. Amicus also is in compliance with all Department of State mandates for international students.

If you would like to find out more about Amicus, including how to become an Amicus host family or Amicus mentor, please contact Michele Sbrana at msbrana@sc.younglife.org.​