Still the Same Young Life

Young Life is still committed to the same principles and vision it had when you were involved: introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith. And a week at Young Life camp is still the adventure of a lifetime for kids today. Club remains “controlled chaos” that makes kids of all ages laugh and feel like they belong. And Campaigners continues to be a time for kids and leaders to talk about the Bible and how it relates to life.

Another thing that remains the same is the commitment that Young Life leaders have to sharing their lives and their faith with their teenage friends. And while much remains the same, Young Life hasn’t stood still. We’ve expanded our outreach worldwide and are now involved with middle school kids, kids with disabilities, teen mothers, kids in urban areas and small towns, as well as kids on some college campuses.

As an alumnus you can still be actively involved with Young Life. Alumni are one of our greatest assets in getting Young Life started in a new school or community. You may also want to consider becoming a volunteer leader, joining your local Young Life committee, becoming a donor or revisiting camp as an adult guest. You may even want to attend family camp with your whole family. And finally, many of our field, camping and Service Center staff are alumni. Perhaps a job with Young Life could be in your future, too. Consider all the possibilities and explore the rest of this site to see what may be a good fit for you.