You have a multitude of obligations and decisions to make, including  where to share your resources. Wondering how you can have an impact in the lives of young people in your community and on the other side of the world? Young Life endeavors to enter the world of adolescents, wherever they live, to communicate the love of Jesus in a manner that they understand. If you want to share your time, talents, or treasure, contact Gordon Anaple, our Alumni and Friends Advancement Coordinator, today who  desires to connect you and your passions to Young Life needs locally and around the world. 
 Women around the country are finding more opportunities to make differences through their skills, passions, resources and voices. Young Life is beginning to engage women at this time  in some new and exciting ways. There are so many of us who love the mission and would be interested in opportunities to serve, travel and see, gather in circles and give, bring friends to a reception, or learn more about what we can do to make a difference. 
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 At Young Life, we are looking for people who love Christ and kids and who are willing to walk into the lives of high school and middle school kids and tell them about Jesus. 

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 Have you ever dreamt of international adventure while serving Young Life? 
Young Life Expeditions* will help realize these dreams,
while also learning about the local culture through the lens of Young Life. Imagine  yourself with a group of Young Life alumni and friends, enjoying the sites, learning about the culture through local Young Life  staff, volunteers and kids, and growing your heart for the mission both in these beautiful nations and back at home!


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