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Scott Krippayne is a Christian singer and songwriter. Having released twelve albums between 1992 and 2012, Scott is also known for his contributions toward other contemporary Christian artists. Over 150 of his songs have been recorded by Christian artists including Point of Grace, John Tesh, Avalon, Jaci Velasquez, FFH, True Vibe and others.

In 2007, Krippayne co-wrote This Is My Now, which was chosen as the coronation song for the finale of American Idol Season Six, sung by the Top 2, Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis. Krippayne has also authored two books: Hugs for Teens and More Than a Story, a daily devotional.

As a tremendously accomplished artist, Scott Krippayne touches many lives through his music and story-telling. As an alumnus and friend of Young Life, Scott is quick to point out that ?Young Life is a huge part of my story — as it?s the vehicle God used to allow me to know Him.? Recently, I had the opportunity to connect with Scott at a Young Life event, where he encouraged those in attendance with his music and his story. What follows is an interview that Scott and I had via email following that time.

YL A & F: When and what was your first experience with Young Life or a Young Life leader?
I first went to a Young Life club as a sophomore in high school. A friend of mine on the water polo team invited me ? It wasn?t that hard of a sell ? I?d heard that club included games, singing and was a lot of fun. It didn't hurt that a girl I had a crush on was going to club as well. My memories of that first club are all fond ones (even though I never got a date with the girl). ;-)

YL A & F: Were you involved in Young Life camp or Campaigners?
I started going to Campaigners at the end of my sophomore year. I found myself wanting to understand more about the Gospel and pondering more and more what a relationship with Jesus might look like. I was also beginning to comprehend sin and my need for a Savior. Campaigners was a great place to dig a little deeper, and I could really see the way the leaders cared for us as students. There was something different about them — I couldn?t define it at the time, but now I believe that it was Jesus that I saw in them.

The summer before my senior year I attended Young Life?s Malibu Club in Canada. It was there that I made a decision for Christ and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

YL A & F: What kind of impact did that experience have in your life?
Camp was great — but the impact was life-changing. Our cabin leader hosted a Friday morning Bible study during my senior year for all for us who made decisions that summer. The growth that occurred over that year of Fridays was crucial in laying groundwork for my faith. I?m so grateful to my leader, Dave, for giving of his time, cooking countless breakfasts, and loving us well.

YL A & F: Since that time, you have seen great success as a singer/song-writer. Have you stayed connected to Young Life in any formal ways?
I honestly can?t believe I still get to write and sing for a living! I?m very grateful. While my wife and I haven?t stayed formally connected with Young Life — we?ve tried to say ?yes? as much as possible. Through the years I?ve had the privilege of singing at numerous fundraisers, clubs, and breakfasts — and have been able to lead music at a few camps as well. We were also honored to attend a Young Life All Staff Conference a number of years back, when I was asked to share a couple of songs.

YL A & F: In 1997 you released a song by the name of ?You Changed the World.? Could you take a moment and give us some background on that song?
?You Changed the World? was written by Tony Wood, Kyle Matthews, and myself as a way of saying ?thank you? to those who invested in our lives and loved us enough to share the Gospel. All three of us have different stories, but we can all point to people whom God used to draw us into relationship with Him ? ?the right one, at the right time, with the right words to say.? (YL A & F Note: If you would like to see a video of Scott performing this song at a Young Life banquet, click here

YL A & F: If you could encourage our staff, volunteer leaders and committee, what might you say to them?
First, I want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for loving on young people. Thank you for being willing to serve and share where God leads. Know that you are making a difference whether you see it or not. It may be planting seeds, it may be watering them, or it may be a harvest, but all are crucial. I?m so grateful for my leaders back in high school — the time they invested, the hours they listened, and the truth that they shared.

Scott, thank you for taking the time to share a little bit of your story with us. We are proud of you and are grateful for the way you serve and still represent the mission of Young Life. If you would like to learn more about Scott?s music and his latest release, Fight For Love, click here. If you would like to share your Young Life story, or are aware of a story we should pursue, let us know at