The Importance of a Great Hand-Off

At the writing of this article, the 2016 Summer Olympic Games are in full swing in Brazil. Among the many sports that I enjoy watching at the summer Olympics is track and field, especially the relays. Do you remember the 2008 summer games and what happened with both the U.S. men’s and women’s 4 X 100 relay teams? Incredibly, both of these teams dropped the baton and could not advance!

According to Gail Devers, three-time gold medalist, both the incoming and the outgoing runners in a relay have responsibility for a good baton pass; however, their responsibilities are different. According to Devers, “the outgoing runners must give a good target,” while “the incoming runners must get it into their hands.” The incoming runners “have the eyes”; they have possession of the baton and are the only ones who can see where it needs to be passed.

Similar to a baton pass in a relay race, we want to take seriously and serve wherever possible in the midst of the major transitions that our Alumni and Friends experience. Currently, the transition from high school to college, the military, or the work force is what we are focused on, and fortunately, we “have eyes” and we have “good targets” in Young Life. For years, Young Life has been helping high school grads make quality connections via Young Life College, Young Life ​Military Ministry, and local Young Life work, understanding that the impact of this effort is both personal and far-reaching.

“Before starting school at the University of Michigan, I got plugged in with the Ann Arbor area director,” says Kylie. “We got coffee before classes started and he told me all about Young Life College and Young Life leadership in the area. That year, I became a Young Life leader and went on a Young Life College spring break trip to Pico Escondido. Three years later and entering my senior year, I couldn’t imagine a college experience without leading Young Life!”

Perhaps you are a recent high school graduate or maybe you know one. Whether headed to college, the military, or a new job in a new community, we would love to help! Perhaps you have just finished college or are moving to a new community and a new job for another reason; we would love to stay connected to and serve you! Whatever the nature of the transition, if possible we would love to help you stay connected to Young Life wherever you land. Please contact us at .