March 2014 - Alumni in Action - Love Stories

I​n 1977, after graduating from Miami University, Ohio, I had difficulty finding a full-time teaching job. Much to my parents' dismay, I accepted a position as salad and dessert cook at Young Life’s Saranac camp for the month of June. It seemed like a good idea to refocus while serving the Lord at Saranac. (I had been a camper, served on Work Crew, and was a counselor all at Saranac, and I fell in love with the property.) I drove up with a friend and joked that maybe she would meet her future husband while on staff, because we knew that often a summer staff experience resulted in a couple who got married later. The first night of our summer staff get-together, I met a guy named "Tex" who was the town runner for the month and, over the course of our time at camp, we became close. I really enjoyed his company and thought he was a great guy who was firmly grounded in his walk with the Lord. After summer staff ended, I thought I would never see "Tex" again. Several months later, he visited me and we both realized our mutual attraction toward each other. We were married 35 years ago and have had three marvelous children. On our honeymoon, in the Lake Placid area, we visited Saranac and were delighted to be invited to be guests at dinner one evening. By the way, when "Tex" came to visit me, he asked that I begin to call him by his real name (which I didn't even know) — Larry McLaughlin! — Kim  

 My husband and I fell for each other at Young Life’s Southwind when he was on assignment and I was a leader. He proposed to me at all-city club during the “Pass It Down” skit. We've been married almost 16 years and are both still on staff! — Camille   

 ​​My love story begins in 1991 as a sophomore in college in Arkansas. I wanted to be involved in an outreach ministry and was invited to check out Young Life by a cute blonde-haired guy with a mullet (they were actually popular at the time). I went to club with a fun group of guys and girls and the "old" volunteer area director (may have been in his mid-40s) asked if I could sing. I said yes and, suddenly, I was leading songs I didn't really know for a group of kids I didn't really know. I was hooked! 
   We led Young Life in that small Arkansas town all through college, and I married that hunky, mullet-wearing man. We continued to volunteer with Young Life in Arkansas, and then Idaho, until he went on staff with Young Life as an area director in Arizona. Today, our oldest daughter (Abby) is a student leader for the local WyldLife club where we lead, and our son, Caleb, is a "club kid." Our nine-year-old daughter (Elizabeth) cannot wait until she is a club kid too. We have all been blessed by our Young Life Love Story. Our whole family has experienced the love of Young Life leaders – the love of Young Life high school, college, and junior high students, the love of Young Life Assignment Teams at various camps, and now the love of our Young Life family in the Former Soviet Union where my husband, Brian, is now on staff. 
   I am so grateful for the love story that began in 1991 and has continued on for 23 years and counting! Our love story includes our three biological children and all of the "adopted" family members we have been privileged to know and serve through this incredible ministry that shares the greatest Love Story of Jesus in a relational way. — Amy  

 ​ I met my husband when I was at Sawmill Leader and Committee Weekend for the North Coast Region in 2012. During a discipleship session, my friend elbowed me and told me that she thought one of the speakers was my type. I didn’t really know what that meant, but I listened to him talk, and I thought that was that. However, later in the day during free time, another friend of mine was discussing ways to set me up with Alex. I finally gave in and gave him my number. We talked on the phone to get to know each other for a few weeks and then on March 17, 2012, we were on our second date and fell in love. On Feb. 8, 2014, Alex proposed to me, and we are engaged to be married in Dec. 2014. — Sarah

While working in the pits at Washington Family Ranch, I met a girl named Katherine who was working in the bakery. 
We march_2014.jpeglearned so much about each other and enjoyed serving The Lord together. However, the month soon ended and we parted ways.
   A few months after camp, we decided to date. It was a little difficult for a couple of years as Katherine started college two hours away from where I lived, but we both ended up living in Albany, Oregon the next year, where we lead Young Life and attended school. In 2011, we decided to tie the knot and commit our lives to each other and to serving the Lord. We are happily married with a kid on the way. We are so thankful for our Young Life leaders in high school, showing us Christ's love. We continue to lead in Albany, hoping to shine His light here through Young Life. — Dylan