‘Servitilty’, Story and Fireworks!

   What do you get when you combine two Young Life alumnae, 30 years of Disney service, the gift of writing and a little pixie dust? A new, must-read book that is sure to entertain, engage and inspire! Beyond the Castle is an insider’s view of the magic of Disney, full of one-of-a-kind stories and insights that will help you in the discovery of your own happily ever after. Along with this, Beyond the Castle is the by-product of a friendship rooted in Christ and Young Life, and is the true story of one Young Life alumna.
   Jody Dreyer, who is now a member of Young Life’s board, first came to know of Young Life as a high school student in Ohio. Then, as a student at the University of Kentucky, she served as a volunteer leader. According to Jody, “Young Life was where I first experienced God’s personal invitation and started a relationship that wasn’t just about my family, or a specific church, but personal; just me and God.” rotatednewcover-2b.jpgWho could have known back then that Jody would eventually enjoy a 30-year career with Disney, serving in 22 different roles! From participating in Disney’s inaugural summer season of Disney’s college program, to being chosen as the Walt Disney World ambassador, to serving as vice president of Synergy, “No one better embodies the Disney spirit” than Jody, according to Michael Eisner, former chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company. Regarding her indelible spirit and the success she experienced at Disney, Jody does give some credit to Young Life and what she experienced through the mission. In Jody’s words, “Once you are changed, you are changed; wherever you work, live or journey. Nothing is ever the same.”

   When asked if she sees any similarities between Disney and Young Life, Jody cited three. “Relationship with ‘servitility’(Jody’s word, combining service and hospitality), story and fireworks!” In Jody’s words, “Young Life and Disney are all about relationships: being together on the journey. It’s all about loving people and delivering the VERY best always! Story is knowing that everyone has a story, that we are all a part of a bigger story, and living and telling stories well. And last, both Disney and Young Life never EVER forget the fireworks — over-the-top, laugh out loud, celebrate life until it hurts — that light up the sky!” 

   Speaking of similarities, co-writer of Beyond the Castle, Stacy Windahl, also came to know of Young Life while growing up in Ohio. Stacy came to faith at Saranac as a 15-year-old, and, since that time, has served through the mission in a multitude of ways. She has been a leader, she and her husband, Jeff, have served on their local committee in Cleveland for a total of 13 years, and she has served as a childcare worker at YoungLives camp. Stacy’s written for Relationships magazine and other Young Life communications for the last 16 years.

   Together, these two Young Life alumnae have combined their talent and experiences to create a book that is honoring to God, complimentary of both Young Life and Disney, and truly a blessing to their readers.If you would like to share your Young Life story, please email us at alumni@sc.younglife.org.