2018 Alumni Awards: David and Bonnie Weekley

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2018 Distinguished Young Life Alumni Award​

In 1969, David and Bonnie were sophomores at Memorial High School in Houston, Texas. High school sweethearts, the two attended Young Life club, Campaigners and even shared a “mountain-top” faith experience as campers at Star Ranch.

Fast-forward almost 50 years; today David and Bonnie Weekley have been married for 42 years, have three children and seven grandchildren. They are also the founders and David is chairman of the largest
privately held homebuilding business in America, “David Weekley Homes,” and are the recipients of our 2018 “Distinguished Young Life Alumni Award.”

Recipients of this award must be individuals or couples who have reached high achievement in their field, have been of service to their community and the world, and have expressed loyalty to and connection with Young Life. There is no question that the Weekleys both personify and exemplify these attributes. In the words of Young Life’s Chief Development Officer Eric Scofield, “David and Bonnie live out the essence of Young Life. They are people who love with the love of God. I remember moving to Houston in 2001, and the first people to greet me and lend me a hand were the Weekleys. Nearly 20 years later, nothing has changed. David and Bonnie live, love, and pour out to so many. It’s appropriate for them to receive this prestigious award for sure. Today, David and Bonnie have their fingerprints all over the entire mission across this globe and serve at the highest level on the Executive Campaign Committee for Forward.”

David and Bonnie were both recipients of the Young Life ministry as teenagers and, along with serving on work crew at a Frontier Ranch winter camp as seniors, even had, in their own words, a “light touch” leading high school Campaigners with Young Life while attending Trinity University in San Antonio. About these early years Bonnie said, “Though I was raised in the church, Young Life was not only fun, but it deepened my faith and took me from being a cultural to a committed follower of Christ.” However, it wasn’t until they were in their 40s that the Weekleys got involved on the regional board, helping to fundraise and donating to the mission themselves. About these years, David remembers that God used Young Life to “get me back into my responsibility of being a committed Christian and putting faith into action.” During these years David served as the initial chairman of the Greater Houston Young Life Board, and helped start the "Every Kid Fund," which has reached multiethnic kids within the city since 1997. Bonnie was also on the Urban board and has fond memories of attending meetings, helping with gala events, being a part of the “Fill the Bus” effort, and taking bus rides to the various Houston schools where, in Bonnie’s words, “we would pray.”

When asked why they continue to be such strong advocates for the mission of Young Life, the Weekleys were quick to point out that “adolescence is a significant time for people to hear about Christ, and Young Life is an incredibly effective way to introduce kids to Jesus.” “I love that Young Life leaders go to where kids are at,” said Bonnie. “That kids don’t meet their leaders for the first time at camp; rather, they deepen an existing relationship and go home together,” added David. The Weekleys also pointed out that they are very excited for the mission’s future. “Young Life is as vital today as it has ever been,” stated David. “Solid business acumen in a large ministry is important, and I believe that Young Life has incredible leadership, accountability and performance in leading kids to Christ.”

Speaking of incredible leadership, “David Weekley Homes” is the only homebuilder to be featured in “Fortune” magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” 12 times! With divisions in 20 cities, and 90,000 homes having been built and sold to date, the list of awards that have been presented to the Weekleys and “David Weekley Homes” are too numerous to list. Among these are receiving “National Builder of the Year” recognition in both 1990 and 2013 from “Professional Builder” Magazine, being featured on NBC’s Today Show, and being inducted into  the 2018 Texas Business Hall of Fame. But even more impressive are the Weekleys’ philanthropic accomplishments. The “David Weekley Homes” website states: “Our purpose is to build dreams and enhance lives.” To be sure, David and Bonnie have been tremendous stewards of the success they have been granted. In the words of Young Life Executive Senior Vice President Marty Caldwell, “David and Bonnie are Kingdom multipliers. Their generosity of time, wisdom and treasure has fueled exponential growth and depth in Young Life International over the past 20 years. True partnership for Christ and kids! I have the deepest respect and gratitude for them.”

David and Bonnie, thank you for your ongoing efforts on behalf of kids and Christ. You are an inspiration to us all. We are proud to name you as recipients of our 2018 “Distinguished Young Life Alumni Award.”

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