Dale and Beverly Willman: 2018 ​Service to Young Life Award


Dale Willman and his wife, Beverly, both became followers of Jesus through the ministry of Young Life and under the leadership, love and nurturing of Area Director Pete Weaver. After seeing invitations for Young Life in the halls of Bay High School in 1970, Dale showed up to the first Cleveland area club. Even though he was a new guitar player, he stepped into leading the club songs as some of the leaders coming from Pittsburgh were lost and hadn’t arrived. He played the classic, “If I Had a Hammer” club song, and that was the beginning of many years of leading music at clubs, committee meetings, Bible studies and ultimately joining his church’s worship team and stepping into a part-time worship leader position. Dale also played guitar in some of the other clubs in the area when Tom Hammon joined the team in Cleveland, and he was a regular at early morning Campaigners, as was Beverly. Within weeks of this initial club, Dale and Beverly were both signed up to go to camp at Frontier, though they did not even know each other at that time.

In 1973, Dale moved to Boise, Idaho, where Beverly joined him a year later. They faithfully served as volunteer leaders as the Young Life work was just beginning in the early ’70s. They took club kids to camp at Malibu, and as their family expanded, they moved into committee roles. Dale and Beverly have been ongoing supporters and advocates of Young Life in Boise. They helped design and operate the Young Life BBQ Booth at the Idaho State Fair beginning in 1978 and well into the mid-1980s. In 1981, they served on the search and financial support team that brought Gary and Jeanne Parsons to Boise. This began a decades-long friendship, based on the love of spreading the gospel and raising their own kids together.

Since his first trip to Frontier, Dale has served on work crew at Saranac Village, taken kids to Malibu, and been to Silver Cliff, Washington Family Ranch, Woodleaf and Pioneer in Armenia in other capacities. Beverly served on work crew at Burning Bush (an inner-city camp in Pennsylvania), taken kids to Malibu, and has also been to Trail West, Woodleaf and Pioneer. In addition to being volunteer leaders, Dale and Beverly have served Young Life as committee members, donors, fundraiser hosts, executive committee campaign chairs, and advocates of the mission. Dale and Beverly’s two children have also served as leaders.

Dale and Beverly have been an instrumental part of initiating ministry in the Former Soviet Union (FSU), nurturing and guiding staff and volunteers. Their family loves and is loved by the staff and volunteers in the countries of Ukraine, Armenia, Moldova, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Latvia. Since 1992, Dale and Beverly have served on the FSU committee. Dale became an executive member of the FSU committee in roughly 2004. They have visited Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and Armenia to encourage local staff and volunteers in their ministries. Their love for all of the U.S.-based FSU staff, led by Gary Parsons, is evident through their integral and generous giving of time, talent and treasure. Dale and Beverly have also helped with the effort to launch Young Life ministry in the Baltics through the sponsoring of the area director and funding the ministry startup in Latvia.

In addition, Dale has participated in Young Life International initiatives working with the development team to evaluate the complicated process of funding international countries, which included a sponsorship with his firm, Deloitte, for a three-year period to advise and help with expatriate tax issues for staff serving overseas. Dale has specifically assisted in the search for camp properties in several of the Former Soviet States and in the oversight and funding of the build of Pioneer, Young Life’s new camp in Armenia. They also assisted in the expansion of the club room and bike shop in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, and were joined by their daughter, Mindy, and son, David, in the building of apartments for leaders which now also help to house transitioning orphans, YoungLives participants and refugees from the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Dale and Beverly desire that their support of Young Life brings glory to God and Christ’s salvation to kids all over the world!

Dale and Beverly, we are deeply grateful for your faithful service, wisdom, prayers and support of Young Life for almost 50 years! You have made an eternal impact in the lives of countless kids, leaders and staff all over the world.​ 

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