Coast to Coast

​​How significant is a week at Young Life camp in a kid’s life?

Now, based on your answer to this question, what would you be willing to do to help kids have that opportunity this summer and for decades to come? Several alumni and friends of Young Life in Oklahoma City are putting their answer to these questions into action this summer!

On Wednesday, May 18, (the day we are sending this newsletter), Oklahoma City Young Life Metro Director, Rodney Huffty, and three alumni and friends of the mission (Mark, Richard and Cody), will be embarking on a 50-day, 3,328-mile bicycling trek across the U.S. Starting in Santa Monica, California, and ending in Yorktown, Virginia. These four friends are committed to realizing a goal of riding across the country to celebrate 60 years of Young Life in their city and raise $150,000 for a Campership Legacy fund for Greater Oklahoma City Young Life.

When asked about their motivation to take on such a daunting journey, all of these men spoke to the impact of Young Life in the lives of kids. Cody, currently a leader, said, “Young Life is so effective in sharing the Gospel with high school students and is able to reach so many new believers.” Mark, currently serving on committee, stated “What resonates with me about Young Life is that the people I've met are real and authentic, which appeals to me, and Young Life reaches out to the unchurched high school kid.” And Richard summed things up when he cited the impact that a Young Life leader had in his life, and went on to say, “Every summer kids from the greater metro area leave the comfort of their couches and depart on a journey of the unknown as Young Life invites them to camp on the promise of ‘the best week of their lives.’ Year-in and year-out that promise is not only upheld, but lives are transformed, hearts are softened, and stories are forever changed.”

If you would like to find out more about these four alumni and friends of the mission and their coast-to-coast journey on behalf of kids, you can do so by going to . If they’re riding through your town, they’d love to have you cheer them on or even ride along for a few miles. At the very least, perhaps we could all pray for their safety and allow their passion for kids to both challenge and inspire us!