Brad Lomenick - A Catalyst for Christ

Growing up in Bristow, Oklahoma, and attending church regularly, Brad Lomenick wasn’t introduced to Young Life until he arrived at the University of Oklahoma as a freshman. In fact, it was via some older fraternity brothers that Brad received an invitation to attend a Sunday night area leadership gathering. In Brad’s words, “I quickly realized that these were my people! Fun-loving, Jesus people intent on making a difference in the lives of middle and high school students. Young Life was a breath of fresh air, especially relating to truly seeing and experiencing God’s grace, the power of the gospel lived out in the lives of people, and the idea of relational evangelism. I was looking for an outlet to connect with youth while in college and be able to stay connected to ministry, and Young Life was it.”

Decades later, Brad Lomenick is a nationally-known Christian leader, consultant, author, blogger and speaker who continues to love and support the mission of Young Life. I had the opportunity to sit down with Brad over coffee and delve a bit deeper into his Young Life 
story. . .

A & F: Since that first introduction to Young Life in college, what has been your involvement?
Brad: I went through leadership training my freshman year and was placed at Norman Middle School. I served there for four years. In the summer of 1992 I was on summer staff at Windy Gap, serving as a lifeguard. Following college, I served on committee in Fayetteville, Arkansas, from 1999 to 2002, and have also done some consulting with Young Life nationally.

A & F: Looking back, how did your involvement with Young Life impact you as a college student?
Brad: Young Life had a significant impact on me from a spiritual perspective. Understanding relational evangelism, how to build bridges of friendship with teens, loving kids until they ask why, and having a deeper understanding of the grace of God. Young Life does such an incredible job of meeting kids where they are and loving them for who they are. The power of the gospel stands on its own, and being involved with Young Life made this constantly come alive.

A & F: What have you been involved with professionally over the years?
Brad: I led Catalyst for over 10 years, gathering thousands of leaders around the U.S. to be inspired, equipped and encouraged. I’ve also written a couple of leadership books, includingThe Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership, and have my own personal blog I spent several years working for John Maxwell, helping out on leadership events and being a part of Passion City Church in Atlanta. I am very involved with Passion and the Passion Movement.

A & F: How did your involvement with Young Life influence any of this and you, as an adult?
Brad: Young Life meets kids where they are, and this is vitally important at any stage of life. Connecting with people at any level requires this same mindset. Young Life taught me to value people and to build bridges of friendship with people.

A & F: What is one of your most significant Young Life memories?
Brad: Summer staff at Windy Gap; what an amazing summer! Such great memories. I think my favorite was seeing kids respond to the gospel every week and say “yes” to Jesus.

A & F: What is one of your funniest memories?
Brad: Probably the many crazy skits and incredibly gross moments of being a Young Life leader in college. The toothbrush skit and the peanut butter sandwich skit were probably the grossest and stand out the most.

A & F: What words might you have for current staff and volunteers, and for alumni and friends who are not currently involved?
Brad: To those who are serving: Your work matters! You are making a difference! Be faithful to the kids who are in your club. Be diligent with investing in them. 
To those who are not currently involved: Get involved! Serve locally! Give generously!

Brad, we are truly grateful for you and celebrate all that God is doing in and through you in this world. Thanks for your ongoing advocacy and for the catalyst you choose to be for Christ.​