Celebrating Jesus and 50 years of Young Life in Bermuda

On Dec. 2, 2014, Young Life Bermuda celebrated their 50th anniversary. Former and present alumni, volunteers and club leaders were invited to an evening reception of reliving memories and praising God for all He has done through Young Life Bermuda. Drinks, food and good conversation were shared by all, as different generations of alumni came together to share their mutual love for Young Life. Collections of photos from the past were on display, and Bermuda’s Anglican Bishop, Nicholas Dill, shared his heart about Young Life Bermuda’s work.

The crowd was then invited into a screening room to view Young Life video presentations and to hear more about Young Life Bermuda’s current work and goals for the future. Young Life Bermuda’s director, Kevin Mahoney, expressed how important the work they do is and how much Bermuda’s youth need Jesus in their lives.

Young Life Bermuda was the vision of former Bermuda Olympian Francis "Goose" Gosling and was first established in Bermuda in 1964. Having visited a Young Life camp in Colorado, Goose was so challenged by their passion for sharing God’s love with the campers in a relatable way that he brought the Young Life vision back to Bermuda’s shores. Soon after, Bermuda had its first Young Life club, followed by weekly Young Life clubs, reaching out to teenagers island-wide.

bermuda50th_stephen_desilva,_sandy_gascoigne,_christine_deslivab.jpgOver the 50 years since its founding, Young Life Bermuda has grown and touched the lives of thousands of young Bermudians in the process. These days Young Life can be found in both middle and high schools across the island. The goal is to help Bermuda’s youth to live life abundantly— and that means having doses of fun. It also means discovering who they are, and what they were made for.