YoungLives Stories

Stories from Young Lives — Young Life's ministry that mentors and supports teen moms.
God Had a Different Plan
If my mom was not involved with YoungLives, I do not think I would know God. Her involvement in YoungLives has showed her how to trust and love, which were two things my mom really struggled with when I was younger. My mom and I are very close and since she had me when she was 16, it has allowed me to see her grow and change over the years and I think YoungLives helped her change for the better. I know my mom would do anything for me and I think she went to YoungLives because she knew I needed her to be able to love unconditionally. Read More >>
Jesus on the Mainline
Every morning — not five days a week but seven, not 9 a.m. but 5 a.m. — YoungLives (Young Life's ministry to teen moms) Washington DC Director Sharon Holland and six other devoted prayer warriors dial up the prayer line. "The primary focus is kingdom building. We pray for the nation, families, marriages, teenagers and the babies," said Holland. Three years ago when the morning conference call began, Sharon Holland was overwhelmed. Read More >>
Filling the Unfillable
It's tough trying to communicate to teen moms the love God has for them. Consider one teen mom's experience of "love": "My father said he loved me, but I haven't seen or heard from him in 10 years. My mother says she loves me, but she yells at me and belittles me every day. My boyfriend says he loves me, but I just found out he's slept with three other girls in the last month. My friends say they love me, but I caught them spreading nasty rumors about me. What does love really mean? Is it real? And if it is real, then am I lovable?"  Read More >>