A Family Impact

Last summer Caleb, having just finished his seventh-grade year, joined our WyldLife group at Wildhorse Canyon, where he had an incredible week playing and hearing the Gospel message in its entirety for the first time. Because the message was presented in a way in which he could understand, Caleb was able to process what it means to be in a relationship with God and began taking steps in developing his own. And so his family's story begins.

At a car wash last summer where Caleb was fundraising for Wildhorse, I got to talking with his mom, Kim, about a women's weekend at Young Life's Malibu Club. As we were talking about the weekend, Emmary, one of our committee members showed up. I told Emmary that Kim was interested in joining us at Malibu. Without hesitation, Emmary glanced about her car for a minute and quickly produced a registration form through the window.

Kim signed up for the women's weekend and brought her sister with her. Not knowing many people or what to expect from the weekend, Kim was a little fearful at first; but upon arriving at Malibu she was taken aback by the peaceful setting and the caring people around her. Throughout the weekend, we had the opportunity to hear at club about a God who loves us deeply and wants to be in relationship with us.

During our last club of the weekend, the speaker asked us all to bow our heads and allowed for those who wanted to respond to God's offer of a relationship to raise their eyes to meet hers. Kim recounts, "As I looked up at her I felt God say to me, 'I have been here for you all this time, through all your struggles, and I will continue to be here with you.' I felt forgiven and deeply loved. I knew that I had been brought here to this place so that I could focus my attention on something bigger than myself. So I handed my life to Christ, and nothing has been the same."

Their family is continually being transformed by Caleb's and Kim's encounters with their Savior through Young Life camps. Kim and her husband, Mike, are the greatest fans of Meridian WyldLife because they have seen the way the lives of kids can be transformed. For each WyldLife club, Caleb calls several friends and his parents drive all over the county picking kids up so that they too can be cared for by leaders and hear about Christ. This spring, Kim joined our adult committee, partnering with me in developing ministry and leaders in our area.

It has been an incredible joy to watch this one family be transformed by the power of Christ. In Young Life we are about every kid, everywhere, for eternity and over this last year I have realized the domino effect of reaching the next kid. We are allowed the privilege of working with kids and walking them to the throne of Christ, while inviting friends and family to come along. Like the mustard seed of Jesus' parable, the Gospel touched the heart of this seventh-grade boy, spread to his mother and continues daily to grow and influence so many more in this community, and beyond.