From the Fall 2012 issue of Relationships magazine.

"I honestly had a time where I was sure that leading wasn't for me," Nate Morris said. Two years ago, Morris started volunteering as a Young Life leader at Denbigh High School in Newport News, Va., where he was surprised to find a small club and nonexistent Campaigners group.

While it was difficult, and at times discouraging, for Morris to deal with the seemingly consistent stagnation, God showed this faithful leader and the rest of the Denbigh club His own faithfulness. Fast forward to 2012, where 45 kids came out to the last club and 12 expressed a desire to begin a relationship with Christ after the cross talk.

"Many of these guys were dudes I have been praying for for a long time," Morris said. "It was incredible to see the Lord work."

One of those guys, James,* frequently needed a ride to and from club, so Morris had many opportunities to talk to him in the car and develop their relationship.

"To put it mildly, he is going through more than any kid I have ever known — more than any 17-year-old should ever have to — and my heart breaks for him," Morris said. "But, I got to love this kid, to have a conversation with him about God, and to pray over Him through this. It is a moment I will never forget and one that further strengthened my passion for this ministry."

Denbigh High is a multicultural, urban school with many struggling students. The kids are quite different from Morris, but he was faithful and determined, said Joe Marks, Morris's area director.

"Nate helped build it into a viable Young Life club and it will continue to grow," Marks said. "Nate had a lot of courage under fire."

While Morris does not know what his future in the mission will look like, he said the past two years have been the best of his life because of Young Life. He learned Young Life is not a formula and the most important part of the ministry is letting God take control of club and relationships. Nothing is more freeing than to put the ministry on Christ and go along for the ride.

"The Lord used Nate to develop consistency and Nate loved the kids well," Marks said. "The sky is the limit for this club."

*name has been changed