International Stories

Stories from Young Life International — serving kids around the world.

Significant Connections
The children of Home of Hope orphanage welcomed the Young Life leaders and students warmly and, likewise, the Young Life students bonded quickly to these kids. Though it was their intention to serve the orphans, the lives of the Young Life kids were equally impacted. Read More >>
Pocket Change
According to Odland, a first-generation, American-raised Norwegian, the culture in Norway has elevated materialism and sexual promiscuity. "Norwegian inclination toward the subject of God is lost in their self-sufficiency." When prayer opened the door for Young Life to join hands with the Norwegian State Church's confirmation program a few years ago, Odland and his staff began putting on club for a small group of students each week. Read More >>
Ready to Respond
Last summer oges Berassa, Young Life leader in Ethiopia, found himself in need of a sickle, because he was in the midst of a deep spiritual harvest. After five "rich weeks at a Young Life camp in a place called Kuriftu," Berassa returned to Addis Ababa, with a much larger spiritual family. Read More >>