For Kids, By Kids

From the Spring 2012 issue of Relationships magazine.

Young Life was flourishing at Flower Mound High School, located just north of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, and after a momentous experience at Young Life’s Crooked Creek Ranch (in Colorado) over the summer, local staff and kids were excited about what the fall had in store. Which is why it was difficult to understand when their dedicated leader stepped down from his teacher staff position.

Metro Director Scott Davis heard of the decision, and thought, “This must not be the year for Flower Mound High School Young Life.” Kids heard and decided to take initiative. At an annual pep rally before the first day of school, students gathered from local high schools. And rally is exactly what they did.

Over the next few weeks, students began praying. They asked local area staff to help them find leaders, on the condition that they (as students) would continue to bring more kids to club and generate enthusiasm. What began as a group of a few kids, blossomed into dozens. Just a few days later, 50 kids from Flower Mound High School showed up for an all-area club. In what staff now credit to prayer, a string of miracles and the determination of high-school students, the Lord has worked powerfully. Within one week, without any prompting, three adults called staff member Dave Livengood and committed to leading at Flower Mound.

“It’s clear the Lord wanted this to happen,” said Davis, “And he used kids to accomplish it.” Team coordinator Jenn McDonald agreed. “Our kids are amazing. They wanted club. They made it happen, and they continue to make it their own.” With 10 student leaders also helping lead at “Flo Mo,” club has continued to thrive throughout the past months.

Most exciting for McDonald and area staff is what lies in the future. “I’m so excited about the diversity in our club, and the way the kids are getting to know one another. This has truly been a movement of the Spirit and kids.”