A Mom's Perspective


From the Fall 2012 issue of Relationships magazine.

My introduction to Young Life came during Jordan’s freshman year at Piqua High School (in Piqua, Ohio). One afternoon he called to say he was going to the Piqua football game that night — an away game. I asked him how he was getting there. He said, “In a van with Larry and a bunch of other kids.” Of course, my first question was, “Who is Larry?”

Jordan responded, “The Young Life leader.” Not knowing what Young Life was, that wasn’t enough for me! So, after a few more questions, I called the Family of Grace Church and received verification that Larry Butt was a wonderful person who’d been involved with Young Life for years. I felt comfortable with Jordan going. That was the beginning.

Jordan started bringing home many Young Life kids, who were fun and crazy, but also respectful. I was happy Jordan had become involved with Young Life. The summer after his sophomore year, Jordan attended Rockbridge. When he returned from camp, he was so excited! He had something to tell us, but wanted to wait until our big family vacation, which was a week away. He tried to hold it in, but later that day he said, “I can’t wait to tell you.” He had accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior at camp. Larry was the one who led him to Christ. I was so excited! Although Jordan had been around some good family influence, he had never made a true profession of faith. I noticed many changes in Jordan after that. I wasn’t the only one. My daughter Alex took notice as well.

 I really wanted Alex to go to Young Life too. She attended sporadically, but didn’t seem interested in the spiritual aspects of Young Life. However, she decided to go to Saranac last summer where, with Allison South’s help, she also came to know Christ as her Savior. Since then, I’ve seen major changes in her life!

All of this happens because there are dedicated people willing to give their time to befriend these kids, are available to kids at any time and are role models for them. I’m thankful to Larry, Joe and Allison, and all the Young Life leaders, as well as those people who pray and support financially. Not only does Young Life change kids’ lives, but through the changes, others are impacted. Seeing the changes in my kids has caused me to re-examine my own life and to make some changes of my own! This year I decided to help out where I could and joined the area leadership team with Jordan (who has recently graduated). I thank God for this program and what it’s meant to me and my family.​