A Family Within "The Family"

You may have heard it said, "Once you're part of the family, you're always part of the family." The Agueros are no exception when it comes to the "family" of Young Life.

More than 20 years ago, Eddie and Diane Aguero's oldest daughter, Kris, attended her first Young Life club in Sacramento, Calif. From that point on, Eddie and Diane have walked alongside the mission of Young Life — serving on committee and watching their two younger children, Jesse and Elena "grow up" in the mission.

Jesse was "kid-napped" for his first club as a freshman in high school, and like his older sister and parents, fell in love with Young Life. "My leader, a police officer, had a huge impact on my relationship with the Lord," Jesse recalled. "He really was key in the growth of my faith."

After serving on work crew at Malibu in '95, Jesse moved to the Northwest to attend the University of Oregon where he became a volunteer leader and then went on student staff. He continued with Young Life as an intern following college, and after a church partnership position, became area director for Eugene Young Life.

The Agueros' youngest, Elena, is now a Young Life club kid in Northeast Sacramento — where Eddie and Diane currently serve as committee co-chairs. Elena, a junior in high school, also volunteers as a WyldLife leader — walking alongside middle school students and investing in their lives. "Young Life really is one big family," Elena shared. "Everyone is welcome and accepted just as they are." She went on to explain, "It's a gift to be able to share life and Jesus with all different kinds of kids in an environment where there is no judging and no cliques. I get to be a role model with the opportunity to point kids to Christ. I feel like a big sister to a lot of these kids."

Over the years, Eddie and Diane have seen their family greatly impacted by Young Life, and now their family is impacting others through Young Life. "It's a blessing to see all the relationships in our family stemming from the same rock — Christ. Young Life has impacted all of our relationships with the Lord and is another link we share. The relationships we've had within Young Life have been pivotal in each of our lives."

The Aguero family has truly become part of the Young Life family. Jesse recently shared, "Being a part of the mission has been a blessing. Knowing it has blessed my entire family too, is a gift. Serving as staff with a mission that embraces my family and has something to offer each of them is amazing."

Once a part of the family, always a part of the family — the Aguero family would agree. The Agueros are a sweet picture of the kingdom family we all belong to.