Ken Tankersley

tank-fam.jpgSenior Vice President of Global Innovation and Training

After graduating from Wake Forest University in North Carolina, Ken Tankersley (Tank) moved to Boulder, Colorado. where he was on Young Life staff as an intern (now staff associate) then an area director for eight years. Tank and his wife, Shannon, moved to south Denver where he has served as a metro director, associate regional director, Regional director of the Front Range Region and Senior Vice President of the Northwestern Division. Tank is currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Global Innovation and Training.

Tank received a Bachelors degree in Religion and Communications from Wake Forest University and a Master of Arts degree in Theology from Fuller Seminary. 

Tank is a gifted speaker and trainer as well as a visionary, leader and servant. He and Shannon have been married for 20 years and have three daughters, Aubin, Tyler and Charley.