BeBe Hobson

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Chief Diversity Officer

BeBe Hobson has a long-standing Young Life history that goes back to 1978 at Windy Gap, where he met Jesus. He and his wife, Tasha, are “products” of the ministry — both involved since middle school. BeBe gives credit to his Young Life leaders, Jim and Amy Dyson, for speaking words of affirmation, God’s truth and encouraging words into his life. 

Over the past 24 years, BeBe has served as a committee member, area director, regional director and vice president of Field Ministry. He is highly involved in his local church and hometown of Tampa Bay, Florida, having served on Young Life, Community Development and YMCA boards. A diagnosis of Lupus in 2010 required BeBe to retire for a time, but God has been gracious in healing and has allowed BeBe’s work to continue with Young Life. The Hobsons have three daughters and one son.