Ann Shackelton

Ann Shackelton_500px.jpg
Senior Vice President of Human Resources Mission Care and Enrichment​

Ann Shackelton has been on Young Life staff for almost 25 years. She was born and raised in​ California, where she attended Young Life club at Riverside Poly High. She continued on to become an area director, associate regional director and is now the senior vice president of Human Resources Mission Care and Enrichment. Ann is the head of the Women’s Leadership Network and oversees our Incident Response Team.
During her time in California, Ann became a licensed marriage and family therapist and worked in private practice for 10 years. The areas in which she became proficient as a therapist are areas that God has used specifically in her H.R. role — child abuse prevention and protection, adoption, crisis response, mental health issues and the focus on marital and family health.